Celebrity Repossessed Cars


Celebrities: they’re just like you and me! That’s a phrase that appears all the time in supermarket tabloids. Despite the cliche, when it comes to repossessed cars, that phrase may deem true. Here are several examples of celebrities who failed to make their car loan (or possibly car title loan) payments and got their cars … [Read more…]

The Dumbest Celebrity Quotes Ever


There are smart celebrities that have a bad day and just say the wrong thing then there are some not-so-bright stars who say the dumbest things and show their IQ rather quickly. Some are rather funny and we all have a good laugh then there are the ones +that you can’t do anything but shake … [Read more…]

Is Adam Sandler still funny?


Adam was born as Adam Richard Sandler. He is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, film producer and musician. Sandler has worked in so many movies as comedian which were very successful. His movies include Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and The water boy and The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds. Sure Sandler has giving us … [Read more…]

The Jungle Book (2016) Movie Review


The new movie, The Jungle Book features a star-studded cast and amazing special effects to give us a new version of the story based off of the popular children’s book. Director, Jon Favreau was able to capture and create the main piece of this story, which is the extravagant jungle environment. He was able to … [Read more…]

Which Shark Tank Star is Engaged?

dancing with the stars

The popular television show Shark Tank has been ongoing for years. Several big business men and women have been involved on the show, but which one of these individuals is a newly engaged man? Robert Herjavec, recently popped the question to Kym Johnson, who he met a year ago during his time on Dancing With … [Read more…]