Celebrity Repossessed Cars

Celebrities: they’re just like you and me! That’s a phrase that appears all the time in supermarket tabloids. Despite the cliche, when it comes to repossessed cars, that phrase may deem true. Here are several examples of celebrities who failed to make their car loan (or possibly car title loan) payments and got their cars repossessed!


Lil Kim


The infamous Lil Kim has had a lot of drama in her personal life, drama that includes having her 2003 Bentley Continental GT repossessed in 2008. While she said she was gifted the car by Scott Storch, because Mr. Storch failed to make good on his car payments, Ms. Kim (real name Kimberly Denise Jones), lost possession of her car, which had an MSRP of $250,000.


Bow Wow


In October of 2012, rapper Bow Wow (aka Mr. 106) had his 2012 Lamborghini Murcielago (MSRP $354,000) repossessed after he defaulted on a $300,000 loan he took out from Suntrust Bank. The bank sold the vehicle after repossessing it, but despite selling it sued Bow Wow for fees they had to pay to sell the vehicle.


This wasn’t the first car Bow Wow lost to a loan default: In 2009, he defaulted on another car loan, for a 2005 Ferrari F430, on which he borrowed over $280,000.


Jennifer Williams


After filing for divorce from her husband Eric Williams, “basketball wife” Jennifer Williams lost her Bentley Continental GT in June of 2012. The car had a MSRP of over $250,000. After her soon to be ex-husband defaulted on the loan, the car was quickly repossessed and sold.




In probably one of the most embarrassing incidents in the life of a rapper, Diamond (famous for her hit song “Lotta Money”), lost her 2010 Chevy Camaro in October of that year. The car, which had an MSRP of over $20,000, was repossessed while she was shooting a hip hop music video. Talk about awkward!


Terrell Owens


The football player, better known by his nickname “T.O.”, lost his 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee in May of 2012 after being canned by a minor league indoor football team, which compounded an even more embarrassing situation and fall from NFL player to failed indoor football team player.


Young Buck


Nashville rapper Young Buck (real name David Darnell Brown) is infamous for his troubles with the law, including illegal weapons possession and involvement in a stabbing at the Vibe Awards. In 2011, the bad boy rapper reportedly lost his 2002 BMW X5 after failing to make $5,000 worth of payments.


Jermaine Dupri


The mentor and impresario behind the success of Bow Wow, the Atlanta-based music producer had his Lamborghini Murcielago repoed. The car, which had an MSRP of over $350,000, did not bring his lender Premier Financial Services payment in full for the loan: the finance company is still short over 80 grand.




While most of these celebrity car repossessions have been for big money “balla” cars, sometimes celebrities default on normal people’s cars: Tionne Watkins, aka “T-Boz”, went broke and declared bankruptcy in 2011. Because she didn’t finish the process correctly, she failed to get Chapter 11 protection. Because of this, she defaulted on a car loan she had on a 2005 Honda Odyssey, resulting in the car being repossessed.

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