Is Adam Sandler still funny?

adam-sandlerAdam was born as Adam Richard Sandler. He is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, film producer and musician. Sandler has worked in so many movies as comedian which were very successful. His movies include Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and The water boy and The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds. Sure Sandler has giving us many famous and funny movies which we cannot forget. Here is a list of his top funny movies.

Happy Gilmore is an ice hockey player but thinks that he can be a hockey player. And it goes on. Rotten tomatoes gave this movie 60% rating. The movie made a wonderful commercial success. It was ranked number 2 at US box office. The film made $8.5 million on the first weekend of debut and a total of %41.2 million around the world. Little Nick and The Longest Yard was the funniest movies of him. But everything has a time and every actor has gone to the peak of fame. No one has ever gained success throughout his life. There are famous for some of their traits which truly belongs to them. Now the question remains is Adam Sandler still funny? The answer is certainly no. now he is not funny at all. His recent movies has flopped very badly. His comedy movie Pixels gained only $24,000. There are so many reasons that why he is not funny now.

Sandler was born on September 9, 1966 so he is 49 years now which is quite an old age for a comedy movie. In his early teens he played teenage boy roles in the water boy, Mr. Deeds. Usually a comedian has a very little career than a dramatic one. They are enjoyed by people for a very short time. People like dramatic artists more than a comic one. Comedy can be versatile but it can lose all its charm if it is done in all wrong way. Sandler is not edgy now.  Another reason is that Sandler like really hates press. According to him he does not need any press for his movies. But he is wrong here. He has to advertise or publicized his movies so he could be more successful, but he is not doing any such thing. Sandler himself know it as in the interview with Jimmy Kemmil he becomes very natural about himself. He said that most of his movies are based on the places where he would himself like to go.

One cannot be funny for all of his life. There has to be an end or there is definitely an end. At this point every actor is changed, he does not remain the person he used to be. And the other thing that these actors have to give chances to the new ones. His comedy was no doubt a very good one. One could have a quality time watching his movies. But what we need to understand is that there is always a time when everything ends. And that if we are expecting Adam Sandler’s to be funny for his life than we are wrong.

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